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Smoothie Café Equipment and Set-Up

City Blends smoothies are low in sugar, delicious, and a guaranteed hit with your clientele. But we don’t stop at smoothies; from our exclusive Blendtec Commercial blenders to furniture, we have everything you need to build, maintain, and grow your very own smoothie cafe!


Our Blendtec Commercial blenders are the best in the business. Our Turnkey system utilizes the full-size BD8 dispenser blender, and our City MiNi system uses the EZ 600 stand alone blender. Both leverage Blendtec’s power, quality, and durability, ensuring your customers receive the consistently delicious smoothies City Blends is known for.


If your smoothie doesn’t say City Blends, then it’s just second best! Our colorful branded cups, lids and straws are perfectly sized to our smoothie portions. And if you’re interested in adding your logo, we can help with that as well!


City Blends fruit purees are all-natural, made with real fruit, and sweetened with Stevia. Our purees come packaged and ready for both the Turnkey and City MiNi systems, and are accurately proportioned to ensure every drop goes in the smoothies and not the trash! We never compromise on quality or taste, and neither should your customers.


Our protein powders are exclusively engineered to meet our standards of nutritional excellence. And our 3 premium flavors – Mocha, Mild Vanilla, and Ghiradelli Chocolate – are a delicious way for fitness enthusiasts of every level to recover.


Convenience is a priority for us; not just for your clientele, but for you as well. Our Ingredient Bins help keep our 10 various powders and add-ins easily accessible and practically mess free.


Attractive, high-quality tables and chairs are a great way to provide comfort for your customers. Our cafe-style furniture fits well in a variety of spaces, and will take your smoothie cafe to the next level!


From hand sinks to triple sinks, we have options to fit a variety of spaces. And since our sinks are specifically sized and sourced to work within our Floor Plans, your smoothie cafe will be up-and-running before you can say “profits”!


Our Floor Plan designs are engineered to fit your spacial requirements and provide the most efficient flow for blend production. From counter space and clean-up to storage and serving, we are experts at laying out the best smoothie production area for your facility.